Phyto-Active C & Bio Retinol Duo


Phyto-Active C & Bio Retinol Duo

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Unlock the Ultimate Glow Duo for Sensitive and Reactive Skin

Phyto-Active C + Bio Retinol

Are you tired of spending money on beautiful, expensive skincare only to have it irritate your skin? I completely understand, and that's why I created Freec. Discover the transformative power of my perfect duo, specially formulated to hydrate, soothe, and rejuvenate sensitive and reactive skin for the ultimate glow. Experience an immediate boost in hydration and a noticeable reduction in redness, hyperpigmentation, and fine lines with consistent use.

Phyto-Active C

Target hyperpigmentation, combat free radicals, and boost collagen production with PHYTO-ACTIVE C, a luxury vitamin C serum designed for the most delicate skin. Certified toxin-free, allergy-safe, and vegan, this serum blends naturally occurring vitamin C from Kakadu Plum with ascorbyl glucoside, a non-irritating derivative of vitamin C. Enjoy high-performance skincare that’s gentle on sensitive and reactive skin.

Bio Retinol

Address fine lines, uneven skin tone, and collagen production with BIO-RETINOL, an oil serum infused with organic bakuchiol and Vitamin E. This ultimate retinol alternative is perfect for sensitive and reactive skin, locking in moisture and delivering retinol-like results without the irritation or sun sensitivity. BIO-RETINOL's ultra-light, luxe oil provides a potent dose of oil-soluble vitamins and the clinically proven benefits of bakuchiol, ensuring a comprehensive and gentle skincare routine.

Transform Your Skin Routine

Embrace the perfect partnership of Phyto-Active C and BIO-RETINOL for a complete sensitive and reactive skin regimen that delivers visible results. Indulge in clean, luxurious skincare designed to enhance your natural glow without compromising on gentleness or efficacy. Certified toxin-free, allergy-safe, and vegan, Freec products are designed with your skin’s health and overall well-being in mind.

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