The Freec Zero Waste program helps you to reduce waste from your skincare routine. Say goodbye to plastic bottles in your bin.

Your Freec Skincare will arrive packed in a fully compostable mailing box with compostable packaging. 

When you open your box you will find your luxe glass bottles of Freec-ishly good skincare along with a QR code that you can scan to get all of the information you would usually see on cards and sheets of paper.

Follow the steps below to return your bottles.

Step 1

Once you have finished using your skincare, simply email and request a postage label to send back your empties. A minimum of 4 bottles are required to be returned in one package in order to minimise transport and keep the bottle return program as environmentally friendly as possible.

Step 2

Rinse out your bottles with water and leave them to dry overnight. In the morning, screw the lids back on, pop them back in the box, wrapped in the packing you received them in. Print and stick on your reply paid label that was emailed to you. Your box can then be dropped in your local post box and it will make its way back to us to be reused. You are literally left with nothing to dispose of - skincare free from crap!

Step 3

Returned bottles are checked for faults then properly cleaned and sanitised before re-entering our production chain, effectively creating a circular, zero waste model.

Any part of the packaging that is damaged or needs replacing is properly broken into its separate parts and recycled.

Need a return label?

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