We do our best, every day, to use the least resources and create as little waste as possible.


Freec packaging is sustainability and product stability driven and kept to a minimum through the use of miron glass. Miron glass is made to be reused and remain beautiful and protective for years to come. It’s also 100% recyclable once it can’t be used any more. Amazingly, it also helps to preserve products by filtering light as it passes through the violet glass and protects the nutrients within.

When choosing a closure and delivery system for Freec we wanted to stay away from plastic at all costs while maintaining a system that would allow for the correct dosage of products and keep bacteria on hands out of the bottles. Unfortunately, a plastic free option doesn’t exist. The best option, for now, is a glass pipette with a rubber and plastic cap. These non-glass elements are smaller than other plastic closure systems and have the capability to be reusable, which is why we chose them. When a better option becomes available, we will make the change.

Free skincare purposefully has no additional external packaging such as boxes or wraps in an effort to minimise the amount of packaging manufactured and waste created. We use biodegradable mailing boxes and tape along with earth safe ink. We keep all of our information, including invoices, digital. Simply scan the QR code on your mailing box or on the bottle itself to get the information you would usually find printed on paper.


Did you know that we have a Freec Zero Waste program? you will never create any waste from your skincare routine again.

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Freec is luxurious, certified clean skincare, formulated for people with sensitive and reactive skin.

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