What are clean cosmeceuticals and why they should be the actives in your 2022 skincare routine

What are clean cosmeceuticals and why they should be the actives in your 2022 skincare routine

Clean cosmeceuticals are the ultimate cosmeceuticals when it comes to skincare.

Formulated to achieve noticeable skin results using only plant actives and protective synthetics known to positively impact skin, clean cosmeceuticals take your skincare routine to a whole new level.

The shining stars in these formulations are the plant actives, scientifically proven to address concerns such as hyperpigmentation, acne and fine lines. 

What are cosmeceuticals and how are they different to other skincare products?

Cosmeceuticals sit directly in-between off the shelf skincare and prescription skincare. They do more than simply feel and smell nice and moisturise the surface layer of the skin, but they don't contain controlled substances that can only be prescribed by a doctor.


Definition of a cosmeceutical | Freec Skincare


The Australiasian College of Dermatology defines cosmeceuticals as:

"products that have both cosmetic and therapeutic (medical or drug-like) effects, and are intended to have a beneficial effect on skin health and beauty. Like cosmetics, they are applied topically as creams or lotions but contain active ingredients that have an effect on skin cell function."

In other words, they do something.

The plant actives in Freec Skincare products are the ingredients that make our skincare a clean cosmeceutical product. Derived from plants, these ingredients contain actives that have a proven positive effect on skin cell function, primarily through their potent antioxidants.

What makes a product clean?

Making a product clean is an entirely different approach to skincare formulation and instantly cuts out many ingredients commonly used in skincare and beauty products. 

Back in the day, products were created with a focus on a sensory experience. Synthetic fragrances and substances were readily combined to create lux textures, colours and smells, and while they might look, smell and feel nice, they did absolutely nothing to help your skin. They might even be problematic. 

How are cosmeceuticals different to other skincare? | Freec Skincare

Clean products are formulated using the opposite approach. Our process when conceptualising Freec products has 5 steps; 

  1. Action - what positive effect will the product have on the skin?
  2. Plant options - which plants have been scientifically proven to have this effect?
  3. Stability & efficacy - how can the plants be kept stable and active in the formula so that it can work its magic on the skin?
  4. Safety - is every ingredient in the formula scientifically proven to be safe for humans, animals and the planet?
  5. Ethics - are all of the in ingredients in the formula environmentally friendly, ethically sourced, cruelty free and sustainable?

The result is skincare that has a positive effect on the skin without negatively impacting human health, animals or the planet. or in other words, skincare free from cr@p; Free(c). Pronounced freak if you were wondering :-P

Why should I be using clean cosmeceuticals?

Clean cosmeceuticals made with plant actives are just as effective as traditional cosmeceuticals but the ingredients that go into them have been very carefully chosen.

Plant cosmeceuticals Freec Skincare

There are many plant and synthetic substances that are scientifically proven to have the same impact on skin. New extraction methods have also made plant actives even more potent. The choice you now have is a skincare approach that has been designed to have a positive impact on the skin with the least possible adverse reactions and impact Vs skincare that has a positive impact on the skin but doesn't consider the bigger picture.

Clean cosmeceuticals provide you with more options and peace mind while still getting great results. Many of the plant actives now available are also game changers when it comes to visible skin results.

Whats a good clean cosmeceutical to star with?

Well that depends on your goal, but if you are looking for general evening of skin tone, collagen stimulation to assist with fine lines and calming of redness, irritation  and breakouts, look for a high quality active C serum. The active part is the key here. Make sure the product you are using maintains its stability as vitamin C is notoriously unstable.

The Freec signature serum 'The One' is a day and night skin hero that contains active C in addition to phenolic acids. Its super gentle, clean and you will love the results.

What are clean cosmeceuticals - The Guide

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