Plant cosmeceuticals for hyperpigmentation

Plant cosmeceuticals for hyperpigmentation

What results can you expect when you use plant cosmeceuticals for hyperpigmentation?

First up, I think your freckles and dark spots are cute, especially that one just at the corner of your eye. But, if you want a more even look, using plant cosmeceuticals for hyperpigmentation is a smart move.

What causes hyperpigmentation?

It's the sun. 

Using plant cosmeceuticals for hyperpigmentation

There are a couple of ways to tackle hyperpigmentation and using an active plant cosmeceutical is a daily go to. 

Look for pure, clean products that contain active Vitamin C ...

TIP: Vitamin C shouldn't burn. Check that your VC is in its natural form and not ascorbic acid, a synthetic ...

Freec's signature am/ pm serum, The One, is the perfect plant cosmeceutical for hyperpigmentation. It contains ...

What results will I see?

Scrub SPF

What else can I do?

While I'm not into harsh synthetic chemical skincare, peels or lasers that burn the surface of the skin, there are some other non-invasive treatments you can try.

Light therapy ...

Probably the move intense ... skin needling ...

How do I prevent hyperpigmentation from coming back?

SPF and a cute hat my little Freec!