Our formulations are simple, potent, vegan and safe. Safe for manufacturers, safe for skin and safe for the planet. 

Unlike traditional skincare products which contain a long list of ingredients to create different textures and scents, Freec only uses plant extracts and plant oils. This has allowed us to remove all problematic ingredients, including water, leaving behind pure plant actives high in nutrients scientifically proven to be beneficial to skin.

While our list of ingredients is short, our list of skin benefits is long. Active ingredients are potent and expensive. Skincare brands add these ingredients at small percentages, sometimes less than 1%. Because we have taken everything out except the actives our products are 100% active. We give you the good stuff and nothing else. Or in other words, we give you skincare free from crap!

Everything you want to know about Freec

Freec is luxurious, certified clean skincare, formulated for people with sensitive and reactive skin.

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